i3lab Entrepreneurship and Innovation Center was originally created in 2003 as ESPOL's "Entrepreneurship Center" by the President of the University  in order to formalize all efforts to develop entrepreneurial culture at ESPOL. Part of the support for the creation of the center was given by the VLIR project which was carried out during several years working together with Belgium universities .  The purpose of the VLIR project was to promote research and technology development. 

The Entrepreneurship Center was conceived in a proposal presented by ESPAE Graduate Business School to the University council.  Today there is still a close collaboration between ESPAE Graduate Business School and i3lab.    i3lab has also the support of many research centers and departments as well as the corporate sector and other institutions contributing  with different kinds of material and intellectual resources to support innovation in our country.  Nowadays i3lab  work has extended to help develop startups in the region, innovation processes in our industry,  and technology transfer processes to bridge research with society needs.