To boost and develop people's competencies and resources to create value to society through innovation.

Objetive 1

To develop and apply our own educational model for developing entrepreneurs and innovators focusing in transversallity, experiential learning and multidisciplinarity 

Objetive 2

To build, participate and grow networks of stakeholders promoting entrepreneurship in our city, country and region

Objetive 3

To capture and develop human talent with competences needed to support growing an innovation ecosystem in the region

Objetive 4

To generate resources to make i3lab, in a significative percentage, sustainable and self managed.

Objetive 5

To stay ahead in knowledge, techniques and tools that are the state of the art in entrepreneurship and innovation

Objetive 6

To support innovation and tech transfer processes at ESPOL and in related local, national and international networks

Objetive 7

To facilitate physical spaces and services to support and accelerate innovative ventures that permeate the culture of ESPOL