The Entrepreneurship Center of ESPOL offers advisory, training, research and coaching to all institutions and people interested to identify new business opportunities, set up innovative enterprises, development of new technologies, the strengthening of incumbents and the constant search for business excellence. Here are some of our services:




The ability to innovate is key for business survivor and growth with the new technologies launch and the changing customers needs. We can help your work team to be exposed a new ways of thinking and mastering Lean Startup, Customer Development, Design thinking and Generation of Business Models. We also offer coaching for mastering the tools mentioned along with accompaniment during the first cycles of the innovation induction until your team develops the experience to the next level. We analyze your actual organizational culture situation and accompany to design an improved structure and processes oriented to the innovation.




We provide support to companies seeking for innovation as a way of differentiation and require develop an appropriate approach to design and prototype new services and products. We train, guide and go along with your work teams through Design Thinking and Agile Development workshops. We also provide the facility to contact with ESPOL laboratories focused on resolving engineer problems like Fablab Asiri Labs to provide support in the rapid prototype.

Asirilabs is an advanced Fablab that has different equipment like: 3D printers, laser cutters, CNC and other tools to build and model, also highly trained technicians to give you support.   




Many times the competitive advantage and innovation are not achieved through technology but through radical changes in the way of doing business. The low costs airlines in Europe or the distribution of Netflix movies are examples of innovative business models. We help you to analyze the advantages and disadvantages of your actual business model; we guide you in the devise and prototype process of new models to then quantify business opportunities, have vision of the scope of the opportunity and establish the basis for strategic improvement decisions.



We offer custom programs oriented to develop the ability to manage and teach the subject related to entrepreneurship and innovation in high schools and universities, as well as public and private organizations and NGOs that have an interest in the development of skills to innovate.


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