We offer a workshop for professors in order to improve their ability for entrepreneurship teaching, this workshop prepare facilitators to help students better develop skills and to design innovative products or services that generate wealth by applying knowledge related to their professional profile while keeping ethical, social and ecological values. The workshop is a mandatory requirement to be able to lecture the Entrepreneurship course at ESPOL and allow the participants to handle methodologies and tools similar to those used in the course.



This 32-hour workshop allows to know and practice the learning methodologies used in the Entrepreneurship and Innovation course at ESPOL; as well as to deepen the objectives, contents and tools applied in the course and be able to provide new tools and activities. The workshop is aimed at university professors interested in developing the entrepreneurial ecosystem of the University and its scope. Workshop approval is a necessary requirement to be considered as professor of the Entrepreneurship and Innovation course at ESPOL

Workshop topics:

1.   Marketing an innovation

2.   Opportunities identification

3.   Industry and competitiveness

4.   Business models

5.   Entrepreneurial process


The workshop replicates important activities of the Entrepreneurship and Innovation course, such as developing a business model of a proposed idea, because we want the participant of the workshop to understand the effort that students have to do.



The objective of the workshop is to learn and apply Design Thinking methods to solve problems in different fields and to develop sustainable solutions taking into account the needs of the customers and the people involved. The workshop is divided into two parts, a pre-workshop (via email) and a workshop (in person). The course is a mandatory requirement for those who wish to be facilitators of the Analysis and Problem solving courses 1 and 2 at ESPOL.



We design, develop and deploy in-house training programs tailored to the needs of each organization. We have executed programs with universities in Ecuador and in other countries. We also have experience in training programs for entrepreneurship and design thinking trainers for government programs and NGOs such as ACNUR.